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Clexit is a follow-up to Dears 2015 book, Nothing to Fear. Clexit explains why the United States should withdraw from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) treaty. Reading the back cover on Amazon will provide an insight and introduction to this book. (Click On Book Cover Image To See Book At
Nothing to Fear explains why mankind has the ability to withstand nearly everything mother nature may throw at it, so long as mankind doesn't institute policies that cripple its ability to respond to potential threats. “ TheSvensmark hypothesis, that has scientific support, is included in nothing to fear so that people can see there is a viable explanation for warming other than CO2 hypothesis.. (Click On Book Cover Image To See Book at
Any attempt to cut CO2 emissions must run a gauntlet of hurdles – some of which may be insurmountable. These hurdles are largely hidden from public view. Carbon Gauntlet describes these hurdles and provides Americans with the information they need to judge whether the government should force Americans, including industries and utilities, to cut CO2 emissions. (Click On Book Cover Image To See Book At
Carbon Folly describes the various proposals for cutting CO2 emissions. It provides Americans with the information they need to make a judgment about cap & trade legislation. Carbon Folly does not address global warming per se, but asks the question: Is it possible to cut CO2 emissions by 80%? The United Nations has declared that the United States and other developed countries must reduce their CO2 emissions 80% by 2050. (Click On Book Cover Image To See Book At
“Each stage in the development of a business was examined, The Seed and Start-up stage, The Take-off Stage, The Growth Stage and finally Beyond the Growth Stage.” “Heavy emphasis was placed on conserving cash during the early stages.” “It was intended that new entrepreneurs could use the book to hammer out important decisions with his or her team.” "Out Of Print"