Infrastructure for Battery-Powered Vehicles

…Infrastructure for Battery-Powered Vehicles… There has not been, to my knowledge, a comprehensive study detailing the required investments in infrastructure to support battery-powered vehicles (BEVs). Any such study must address three infrastructure components: Power generation requirements Distribution system requirements Charging Continue reading Infrastructure for Battery-Powered Vehicles

Natural Gas Is Next Target

…Natural Gas Is Next Target… For those in the oil and gas industry, including the American Petroleum Institute, who are objecting to efforts to keep nuclear power plants in operation, you have a problem. Natural gas is the next target Continue reading Natural Gas Is Next Target

AC and DC Transmission Lines

…AC and DC Transmission Lines… After every hurricane, there is a hue and cry to put transmission lines underground. Some people merely want less cluttered views, especially in scenic areas. Interestingly, an AGW group, the Climate Institute, wants to convert Continue reading AC and DC Transmission Lines

From the Horse’s Mouth

…From the Horse’s Mouth… When analyzing comments made by people, it’s very important to go to the source document to be certain the person is being quoted accurately. In my view, and that of others, several RTO/ISOs have created an Continue reading From the Horse’s Mouth

Americans Are Being Badly Served

…Americans Are Being Badly Served… Activists who support radical action to combat climate change will not listen to opposing views, and will, in fact, attack anyone who tries to bring forth facts that undermine their beliefs. For example, Senator Whitehouse Continue reading Americans Are Being Badly Served

Another Utility Voices Reliability Concerns

…Another Utility Voices Reliability Concerns… In comments addressed to the California Energy Commission on May 22, Senior Vice President Gas Transmission, Storage, and Engineering of SoCalGas, said: “Without sufficient [gas] storage inventory … energy reliability is hinging on the vagaries Continue reading Another Utility Voices Reliability Concerns