Common Sense or Ideology

…Common Sense or Ideology… Recently, Renewable Energy World announced:  “Efficiency Startup Gets Funding to Cut Energy Use by Buildings” The startup reportedly attracted investors including, “Tom Steyer’s, Radicle Impact Partners; former General Motors Co. Vice Chairman, Steve Girsky; and Tesla Continue reading Common Sense or Ideology

Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy

…Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy… President Trump chastised Germany for its reliance on Russian natural gas, and the building of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Germany is highly dependent on imports for its energy, especially as it gets rid Continue reading Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy

Battery Powered Vehicle Update

…Battery Powered Vehicle Update… Battery powered vehicle (BEV) sales increased 44% over the first half of last year. PHEV sales increased 30% year over year, while Hybrids (HEV) sales declined slightly year over year. BEV sales remain at only 0.7%% Continue reading Battery Powered Vehicle Update

“Big Hydro Power Win”

…“Big Hydro Power Win”… Greenwire reported “Greens score big win over Alabama hydropower project” as environmental groups obtain a favorable ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The court said that FERC failed to Continue reading “Big Hydro Power Win”

Let’s Pay $2,500 More for Our Electricity

…Let’s Pay $2,500 More for Our Electricity… We could be paying at least $2,500 more per year for our electricity if we add wind and solar to the grid. This would be the result if we followed Germany’s example with Continue reading Let’s Pay $2,500 More for Our Electricity