Validity of Grid Access Fees

…The Validity of Grid Access Fees… After every major storm, there is a hue and cry in the media about how the utility company didn’t do enough to protect its customers from outages and get them back online more quickly. Continue reading Validity of Grid Access Fees

Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar

…Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar… California, with great fanfare and huge media accolades, announced it will mandate the use of PV rooftop solar on all new homes, including any building of three stories or less, beginning in 2020. But, does Continue reading Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar

Endangering American Lives

…Endangering American Lives… ISO-NE has analyzed the potential for blackouts in New England and has requested a waiver from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to keep a natural gas plant online due to fuel security risks. This quote is Continue reading Endangering American Lives

Installed Wind Capacity Braggadocio

…Installed Wind Capacity Braggadocio… The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is constantly bragging about increases in installed wind capacity. AWEA has made statements such as the following from its 2016 annual report: “Wind power delivered 30% of all new capacity Continue reading Installed Wind Capacity Braggadocio

Pending Disaster

…Pending Disaster… The PJM independent system operator (ISO) said there is no imminent danger to the grid when it was asked about the First Energy bankruptcy filing and First Energy’s request of FERC for cost recovery for its nuclear and Continue reading Pending Disaster

Electric Vehicle Report Card 1Q 2018

…Electric Vehicle Report Card 1Q 2018… The status of electric vehicles remains substantially unchanged from last year. For the first quarter, the sale of plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs) increased by 29% YOY, while battery-powered vehicles (BEV) increased by 35% YOY. Continue reading Electric Vehicle Report Card 1Q 2018