Coal and the Unreachable Climate Goal

While the Obama administration continues to promote its war on coal, and fossil fuels in general, coal usage worldwide continues at a brisk pace. While silly movies, like Before the Flood, promote COP 21 goals, the world continues to favor Continue reading Coal and the Unreachable Climate Goal

Coal Has a Future

In spite of the media’s constant harangue over the dangers of using coal and this administration’s war on coal, the future of coal isn’t as black as one might think. While most coal is used for power generation, a significant Continue reading Coal Has a Future

Value Received for CAPEX

Return on investment, or return on invested capital, are financial expressions for determining the value of an investment, or for comparing investments. Typically, it is shown as ROI. Corporations use this measure to determine how best to utilize the capital Continue reading Value Received for CAPEX

The High Cost of Renewables

Numerous attempts are made by the media and others to claim that renewables are less costly than electricity generated from fossil fuels. The prevailing mantra is that costs are “rapidly declining” and that wind and solar are competitive, or will Continue reading The High Cost of Renewables

Coal Ash Used Beneficially

Using coal to generate electricity produces ash, and this has been a problem. Coal ash has most often ended up in surface compounds, or storage areas. Coal ash is now regulated by the EPA, which says, from its web site, Continue reading Coal Ash Used Beneficially

How to Fool Americans

When it comes to renewables and other clean energy issues, there is an effort to make things seem what they aren’t. In media parlance, by using spin. Three such “spins” come immediately to mind. Unfortunately, they are from our government, Continue reading How to Fool Americans